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Today I bought a new notebook.  I plan to write in it often.  Not every day, but often.  And not organized pieces, just random thoughts and ideas.   This is a very ambitious plan for me.  Doing anything regularly seems almost impossible in the crazy quilt of my life.  So the notebook I chose is pink to stand out on my desk where there is not one single other item that is pink.

But even that will not be enough for me so I worked a stronger magic.  I slid into the pocket on the notebook’s front a quote I downloaded from the internet.  In letters so large the words cover the whole sheet of paper, the quote reads, “’You had the Power all along, my dear.’ – Glinda the Good Witch.”

What Power, I wonder?  What is it I can do if I only try?

Click-click.  Click-click.

4 comments to Beginning

  • Mae Langford Everitt

    OH my goodness, I know that if I am this proud of you that our twelfth grade English teacher (your MOM!) is even MORE excited! Can’t wait to meet Buddy! “Daffodils go deary, deary…..”

  • Alice Powe

    As far as I’m concerned, you HAVE tried and you have Conquered! I am amazed at your abilities. Although we, as sisters, have the greatest role model for our lives, our mother, you have been and are still someone who takes “the bull by the horns”, so to speak, not with loud shouts of “charge” but rather with quiet, steady strength. You can do anything you set your mind to, just set it to “blog.”

  • Annaleisa Wile

    Hi I am a huge fan of the book Buddy and I live in South Carolina . I would love to meet you someday you seem very amazing with literature and creativity . Today I am finishing the Book and I am so excited to see if he will leave the dog or take him. I would so love to talk to you through Email I think it would be amazing to even talk to you . I love the book and I think your amazing !

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