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How to Tell What Music Is Good Music

I am lucky in that I have an interior music-o-meter according to which I can reliably determine what music is good music.   Good music will always register soundly (ha ha) on one of its three settings.

Setting one is “Dance.”  If the music makes me want to dance, it is irrefutably good music.  An interesting dance beat is almost irresistible to me, and I shed many inhibitions as my feet carry me onto a dance floor.  Those of you who have witnessed this phenomenon need not chime in.  I have already confessed.

The second setting on my music-o-meter is “Fly.”  Good music makes me want to fly.  Yes, the term “fly” does here include the ordinary concept of physically whooshing through the air.  But more significantly it encompasses mental flying, that kind of travel when your eyes are closed and you are sweeping up a crescendo of exploding notes or bubbling along a gentle stream of sound.  Flying music is definitely good music.

The last setting is more personal.  This is the setting at which music almost causes the ends of my fingers to throb.  This setting is labelled “Write” because there is some music that brings me into its vision so completely that my whole self evaporates and I want to be a conduit of the same passion or strength or beauty that I am hearing.   I will never tell exactly what music this is, partly because nobody else in the world would agree with me and partly because it changes.  Sadly, what inspired me last year does not necessarily inspire me again today.  Happily, I never know when something new is going to burst upon my personal scene.

Thus, with three simple settings on my handy-dandy tool, I can always tell what music is good music.  The music-o-meter — I wonder what settings are on yours.


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  • Mae Langford Everitt

    My favorite music includes strings~~~no “strangs” are allowed! That’s not a typo~~~”strangs” are on fiddles. STRINGS are on violins, dulcimers, harps, autoharps, mandolins, pianos, AND “James Taylor/John Denver” kind of guitar strings! No strings attached—just Peaceful easy feelings!!

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