Losing Everything

In the book Buddy, Li’l T and his family lost everything in their home. Thousands of families experienced the same loss with Hurricane Katrina and other storms.

Losing everything can also be the result of a tornado, a fire, or any of a multitude of disasters, including losing a job.

It is important not to minimize the pain and hardship that come with such a loss. They are real and, in a sense, are a part of the loss because the person has lost happiness along with everything else. But while losing everything can be seen as the end to one chapter of life, it can also be seen as the beginning of a new chapter. And though sometimes it takes a long time to see it, it is possible that the new chapter will be even better.

Here is a link to a talk by filmmaker David Hoffman. He lost everything in a fire in his home. Nine days later he gave this speech.