For Teachers

Dear Teachers,

On the following pages, I have tried to offer ideas that you can use in your classroom.   These ideas are not organized by discipline or task and sometimes overlap.   I hope you will skim the whole collection to find what is most useful to you.

I also hope that you will share your ideas with me.  The best ideas come directly from hands-on teachers in the classroom.  Please email me with anything you would like to share (my direct email address is here, but you can also use my website’s contact form here. Both will work).  I know that your goal is the best experience possible for your students and I would like to help you accomplish that.

As the writer, however, my personal goal is that students who read Buddy will want to hug all the dogs, ride bikes with Li’l T, and eat one of Mama’s pralines.  Failing that, perhaps they will be inspired to read the book again–or another one they find lined up on the shelf in your classroom.

Thank you for doing what you do.

M.H. Herlong