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As I put together this website, I relied quite a bit on my own knowledge but I also turned to other sources. Sometimes I wanted to confirm what I believed I knew. Sometimes I needed to learn more. To gather all this information and organize it has been a wonderful experience for me. I thank all the historians, website designers, advertisers, photographers, and authors who have made their information available. Rather than include resource information on each page, I have gathered it together on a separate tab.  This seemed a better way to make it more accessible. I hope you will find these citations to be a beginning for much deeper and wider investigations of your own.

New Orleans

GoNOLA. http://www.gonola.com/

Greater New Orleans Community Data Center. http://www.gnocdc.org/


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–Where People Come From

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–The Neighborhoods

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–Mardi Gras

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This section came completely out of my own head. If anybody wants recipes, there are hundreds online.

–The Saints

New Orleans Saints Historyhttp://www.nosaintshistory.com/

New Orleans Saints Official Site. http://www.nosaintshistory.com/


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The Science of Hurricanes

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Hurricane Katrina

-Hurricanes in New Orleans Pre-K

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-Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

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-Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi

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Pet Rescue

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Three-Legged Dogs

“3 Legs, Big Heart.” Pets Dog T-Shirt by CafePress. http://shop.cafepress.com/three-legged-dog

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How We Talk


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Losing Everything

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