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Reunited or Not

The problem of reuniting owners and pets was not simple. Many of the owners themselves were so severely displaced that they had no means to locate their beloved pets. Though rescuers tried to leave information so that owners could find the pet, thousands and thousands of people were stranded themselves and could not get back to the city to see the information. Rescuers established websites so that owners could search on the internet for their lost pets. But many owners did not have access to the internet. And even if the owner could search the internet, it was often difficult to distinguish one animal from another, both because photographs were not often very clear and because people describe things differently. For example, one person might describe a dog as having white fur while another describes it as having cream-colored fur.

As time passed, hundreds of animals were transferred out of the area to shelters long distances away. In time some of these animals were reunited with their owners. The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimated that only about twenty percent of the animals rescued were reunited with their owners.

Here is a video that shows how difficult the rescues were and how wonderful the reunifications could be.

Years later, pets continued to be reunited with their owners. In Biloxi, Mississippi, a cat was reunited with its family five years after Katrina. Unbeknownst to the family, the cat had wandered across the countryside to an area fifteen miles away. A woman had been feeding her as an outdoor stray cat for almost five years. Concerned about a coming cold snap, the woman took the cat to a local shelter. Because the cat had been microchipped, the shelter was able to locate her owners. Five years after the storm, cat and family were finally together again.