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Do Three-Legged Dogs Have Special Needs?

The most important thing a three-legged dog needs is love, just like any other dog. The second most important thing it needs is to be allowed to live a normal life—running, jumping, sniffing, lazing, barking, exploring.

But there are some special things to keep in mind. A three-legged dog needs to be kept slim because it is bearing more weight per leg than its four-legged pals. Its footpads and nails should be cared for especially well. Because its balance is just a tad off, it may slip and trip more, especially on slick surfaces, and it probably won’t be able to make turns quite as sharply as if it had four legs.

Three-legged dogs often have a special risk of arthritis because of the extra wear and tear on their joints. Sometimes they suffer when the elbow of the remaining leg swells because of the extra pressure it takes every day.

Snoopy, the police dog, had arthritis but kept right on working until he retired. Read about him here: http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Odd_Pics.html