The Snares

A snare is a noose of wire or rope that an animal steps into or puts its head into.  The snare tightens as the animal attempts to escape.  Snares can be made many ways.  Here is a very simple method.

First, find the right place to set your snare.  Notice the paths in the brush your prey uses.  Pay attention to what it eats.  If possible, bait a hole where the snare encircles the opening.  To better your chances of success, pick several spots and make several snares.

Now tie a bowline knot in one end of a rope or line that the animal cannot chew through or break.   (A bowline knot is the knot sailors use to secure the sheets to the clew of the sail.)  Slip the other end of the rope through the loop made by the bowline to create a larger loop.  Now tie the loose end of the rope to a stake, tree, or  other stable object that will not move when the animal is caught.

Check your snare regularly and remember that a trapped animal is an angry and potentially dangerous animal.  Be prepared to kill the animal and eat it.  Finally, never, ever trap an animal unless you are planning to eat it.