Sailing Alone Around the World

By Joshua Slocum

Joshua Slocum Sailing Alone Around the WorldBetween 1895 and 1899, Joshua Slocum set sail in his refitted sloop Spray to circumnavigate the world alone.   As far as anybody knows, he was the first person to sail solo around the world.  In 1899, he published the story of his adventures. Two often-repeated tales from the book are the tale of the “ghost” of Columbus’ navigator who saved the ship by taking the helm while Slocum slept and the tale of the time Slocum sprinkled tacks on his deck at night to prevent marauders from boarding.  He knew his technique was successful when he was awakened in the night by yelps of pain.

Slocum continued sailing Spray after he returned home to Massachusetts.  In November 1909, he set sail from Martha’s Vineyard, headed for the West Indies.  He and Spray were never seen again.

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