Part IV: School-Wide ProjectsPart IV: School-Wide Projects

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I hope that as you use The Great Wide Sea in your schools, you will help me add more and more ideas to the following list.

Some ideas already shared by innovative, creative, and dedicated teachers:

1. Invite the Coast Guard to share their knowledge with the students or invite a local sailor to bring in a few items of show and tell and to demonstrate knots. (Cypress Lake and Doulton)

2. Invite an instructor from a sailing school to speak to the students about sailing. It is possible the instructor might have access to a small sailboat like an Optimist Pram or a Laser that could be trailered to school and used to demonstrate some very basic principles.

3. Draw or tape off on a floor the shape of a boat approximately 33 feet long. (You can use the diagram on the website to get the proportions right.) Students can lie down in the places where the berths would be to get a sense of exactly how cramped the space is! (Cypress Lake)

4. Have a writing contest! Winners can submit their work to be included on the website. (Cypress Lake)

5. Have a great meal—conch chowder, fresh fish, key lime pie. Perhaps you can locate some sea grape jelly to round things off. (Cypress Lake)

6. Learn about signal flags. One media specialist hung flags in the media center, changing the message regularly and challenging students to compete to decipher it. (Cypress Lake)

7. Invite some local stores or organizations to share their wares or interests with students. One school hosted a Maritime Fair, inviting the Coast Guard (which brought a boat!), a local astronomy club (which brought its telescopes), wildlife rescue organizations (which brought in wildlife!), and fishing and marine stores (which brought in a GPS, an EPIRB, and other gear). (Cypress Lake)

8.Depending on your resources, the winners of any or all of these contests might be invited for a morning’s sail with a local sailor or, again depending on your locale and your community responsiveness, the winner might win a free sailing lesson!